The Kitty City Story

A longtime dream of Triple H co-owner Alison Smith, Kitty City became a reality in August 2016.

The rescue provides shelter for cats that are difficult to place because of age or behavioral concerns and for others that – for no particular reason – have not been re-homed. Kitty City steps in as needed to take cats off death row when they run out of time at various pounds. Most Kitty City residents are available for adoption; a few special needs cats are permanent residents.

Kitty City started out with space for 50+cats and hopes to expand and provide a separate area in the city for FIV-positive cats. Rescue volunteers help keep the cats socialized, healthy, clean and fed. Plus, they enjoy the therapeutic benefits of working with animals. We hope you will consider joining our cat care team.

To find out if a Kitty City resident is available for adoption, send an email to and tell us which feline friend you'd like to know more about.

To adopt a Kitty City resident, print and complete the cat adoption questionnaire or complete the online form.

To volunteer at Kitty City, complete the online form

To surrender a cat to Kitty City, complete the cat surrender form.

To apply for the Prevent A Litter (PAL) program, complete the online form.



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