Gone but not Forgotten


Rita is a 12 year old mare. She is very nice and has given rides to small children.

Rita, Rita full of beauty,ita, Rita full of beauty,
She really was a small brown beauty.
She came to us lame and we just wanted to give her love,
We realized her time was short and she would soon be above.
I will not let a horse live in chronic pain,
Not for you or me or someone else's gain.
Her feet were sore with founder and were not getting better,
Even though we were doing everything we could right to the letter.
She was not on grass, alfalfa or sweets,
Just dry hay, dry lot and lots of love for a treat.

She had pain in her eyes and a yearning in her heart,
To just be pain free and have a brand new fresh start.
We granted that wish for Rita today
We laid her to rest, our beautiful bay.
I hear her soft knicker and hoof beats at night,
Even though I can’t see her, she’s nowhere in sight.
I am not sad or scared or lonely you see,
I know Rita is in heaven, where she should be!

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