Gone but not Forgotten


Mazie is a 10+ year old mare that came in with 9 other minis. They were are badly neglected. Some are starving, most have the worst feet I have seen and the recovery process will be at least a year for those. Mazie and her foal Ga Ga are in the worst shape. Ga Ga nearly died before we could get her to the vet.

Mazie is so starved that Ga Ga could not get any milk or nutrition. She is dehydrated and starved and will be feed by hand for awhile and then hopefully move on to some pellets. She is very sweet.


Maize is having a hard time. We pulled her foal off to help her and to help the foal. Mazie is in a lot of pain with her front feet. She has abscesses and her tendons are very tight. She is also 70-90 pounds underweight. It will take extensive rehabilitation for her, but she is so happy and willing. She is just a fighter!

Mazie's pain finally caught up to her and along with farrier and vet opinions we laid her to rest. Mazie was a truly amazing mini that will never be forgotten.

Maize was rescued late in December
It is her gentle eyes I will always remember
Scared, thin, a baby and in pain
So much weight that she would have to gain
She raised her baby as fast as she could
And then gained the weight that she knew she should
Maize tried to recover day by day
But the farrier said her pain was to stay
She waxed and waned
Lived continually with pain
Her life this neglect had taken and stole
I let the tears down my cheek start to roll
Is this ok? Is it what God had in mind
When he created this horse so sweet and kind?
I was mad and angry to say the least
But finally decided to make my peace
Maize taught me a life is never wasted
If only for a few months it was greener pastures she tasted
She received so much ove the minute she arrived
And though in pain it helped her to thrive
Maize got her feet trimmed, some treats and did her best
To walk to the pasture where she was laid to rest
Heaven is now her permanent home
Where she is loved and fed and forever to roam
We will miss that beautiful gal with the thick mane
And know that neglect is such a huge shame
Why does this happen? God will only know
But I believe, you reap what you sow
So neglecter beware, and live while you can
I hear Hell has an opening and you may be their man!

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