Gone but not Forgotten


OK, OK, I said I would not take "BIG" horses. We are a MINI rescue. Well, famous last words. This is Charlie. Charlie is a LARGE 9 year old Quarter Horse/Morgan gelding. He was donated to the rescue by a woman who could no longer take care of him due to pasture shortage and the fact Charlie can no longer be ridden due to a bone chip in his ankle. She was told there were no options for him, but recently we have had some news from the vet that perhaps he can have surgery and do VERY well.

We are excited to delve into this and see what can be done for Charlie. He will remain at the rescue until he heals. He is a very docile gelding that seems to LOVE everyone except me. He tries to bite me when I pet him. I think he has been used to hand-fed treats. We will not be giving any hand-fed treats and see if he gets over that. I'm sure he will. He is very easy going,loads and leads great and is very non-aggressive with other horses. He will make an excellent companion horse at this time and has hopes of getting surgery and becoming a riding horse again one day. Updates to come...

Charlie was adopted and is getting the attention he deserves. He gets to lounge around the farm and have fun all day with 2 kids that sit on his back. He is not going to be able to be ridden due to his bone spurs but he is happy to give the small children rides and to be groomed. He is very happy now and is loving following his new owners around like he was a puppy dog. Charlie is so friendly he will definitely become a new best friend.

Charlie was born in 1999 

born so beautiful and oh so fine.
Over the years he made his way
To the rescue where for a few months he would stay.
Doing so well he found a home
Only to return in pain from his bones.
His injuries were the same but now founder you could add
It made it very tough on the poor old lad.
He did not get better even with time
His attitude on life became very sublime.
With injury and founder
He was a 1300 pounder.
It was hard to walk and life was not the best
He was really putting everyone to the test.
Today we let Charlie cross over the Rainbow Bridge
It right over there…. over the ridge.
If you look very hard you will see
Charlie and his friends running wild and pain free

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