Gone but not Forgotten


A huge old man and the very best

Now sadly had to be laid to rest

At first I was angry and very mad

Then took to crying and became very sad

It was after all the tears subsided

I finally realized and then decided

We would work harder and harder and even smarter

We would not let you down my dear sweet Carter

Off we went and sent you to heaven

And went back to get your friends, all eleven

It is because of you your friends were saved

The Appys the Paints the Sorrels and Bays

It is from earth to heaven that your friends say

Thank you Carter for givingus another day


Chico, Macy, Houdini, Cinnamon, Shesia, Rocky, Penny, Cayenne, Luther, Pokey and Chaka

By: Alison Smith

For one very short day I got to call Carter mine. He will be missed.

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