Gone but not Forgotten


Bullet was found October 18th in abandoned in a ditch by some passers-by. He was taken in and we were called to help. He had a severe injury to his front knee and horrible back feet as well as an abscess in his stomach.

We took him to the vet but he was too bad to save. His knee had already calcified as it was an old injury that no one had tended too. He would have had chronic pain and no range of motion. Not a life for a 3 year old. Some of his teeth were knocked out and he had several old scars on his face. He was laid to rest on Monday, October 20th, 2008. It is because of him however that 5 more horses were found and rescued. They will be pictured soon.

It was by Steele ND that Bullet was found
Standing in a ditch that was not safe OR sound.

He was loaded up and brought to a home
so he wouldn’t be scared or left to be alone.

With a bad bruise to his leg and abscess in tummy
he was doing his best despite feeling crummy.

It was the next day that the rescue was called
and what they saw made them VERY appalled.

After the vet did his check it was plain to see
that Bullet was not meant on this earth to be.

Bullet was sent to heaven today
There he will run and lope and play.

I’m sure he will be doing a dance
Saying thank you to Brenda and Lance.

The people who rescued him on that fateful night
Standing in the ditch barely in sight.

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