Meet Our Cats


Male  |  DOB 2012

Aspen came to Kitty City with Captain and Willow when their owners relocated and could not take the cats with them. Aspen is very reserved and rarely seen. He likes to hide and isn't fond of strangers.

Monday, November 30, -0001


Female | DOB 2008 

Gertrude came to Kitty City with Alice when their owner moved to a retirement facility that doesn't allow cats. Gertrude is very sweet, but a bit reserved until you get to know her. 

Monday, November 30, -0001


Female  |  DOB 2005

Zoey and Bella arrived together. Zoey is quite bashful and likes to hide under the couch. She sprayed in the house for over a year, but has had no issues with spraying since arrival at Kitty City.  

Monday, November 30, -0001


Female  |  DOB June 2015

Priscilla is a feral cat found in an abandoned house in a dresser drawer with two kittens. Her previous owner tamed her a bit and re-homed the kittens. She is scared and wild, but quite sweet and trusts...

Monday, November 30, -0001


Female  |  DOB 2012

Fancy arrived with five other cats when her owner passed away, and she had nowhere to go. 

Monday, November 30, -0001


Female  |  DOB 2016

Babette is one of three baby kittens that were dumped on a gravel road with their mother Nina. She has the same congenital defect as Nina, plus a flat ribcage. Babette needs to be handled very carefully, and her...

Monday, November 30, -0001


Male  |  DOB March 2011

Groucho is a very sweet boy. He adores attention and loves to lick your hand. He is very laid back. He arrived with a UTI, but is on a food to correct it. He would make a...

Monday, November 30, -0001


Male  | DOB unknown, about 2012

Traveler rode on an engine from Minot to Glenburn to Valley City and back to Minot. On his journey, he suffered burns and injured a back foot. The vet may be able to save his foot, but Traveler will lose some toes....

Monday, November 30, -0001


Male  |  DOB 2015

Zane is a Siamese mix and is sweet as the day is long. He adores attention and loves his cat tree. He also loves to drink from a faucet and comes running every time he hears someone turn on the...

Monday, November 30, -0001


Male  |  DOB December 2007

Chewy is a nine-year-old Persian cross. He was surrendered because he chewed on everything, and the owners could no longer keep him. He is doing very well and seems to only chew on plastic bags if he finds one....

Monday, November 30, -0001


Female  |  DOB unknown, about 2009 or 2010

VooDoo was surrendered. She arrived with a UTI and is recovering, but will be need to be on a special cat food for good bladder health. VooDoo is very affectionate and soon will be ready for adoption. She is...

Monday, November 30, -0001


Male  |  DOB December 2014

Gabriel suffered mental trauma in a home where there was domestic violence. He arrived frail and upset and laid in a kennel with his head in the corner. It took him months to come out of it and out...

Monday, November 30, -0001


Male  |  DOB July 2013

Mehkai was surrendered by someone facing serious health issues. He has an injured front foot, rendering it unusable. He carries the foot, but has no pain, according to the vet. Mehkai is very sweet and absolutely loves belly rubs. He is FIV...

Monday, November 30, -0001


Female  |  July 2016

Ruthie was found in an alley in February 2017 with four 11-day-old kittens. She was rescued and brought to Kitty City. Just a kitten herself, Ruthie is a great mama. Her four kittens are all boys, and she has a lot...

Monday, November 30, -0001

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