Breaking Rescue News

It was the evening of January 4th Triple H got a call from a ND sheriff. 32 FULL SIZED horses involved in an abuse case. Can we help? There is no food or water and subzero temps.

Being that we deal with miniatures and not full sized horses and just having gotten home from major surgery I had to think for a "minute" - do we have enough hay and room? Well, we did and we committed to taking up to 14 to help find homes or reputable rescue to place them in. Many were injured, cut, bitten up, old, emaciated.




Everyone was running together including all the studs!  After several trips nearly 200 miles away, Triple H ended up with a total of 12 horses. Three were placed into "Certified" therapeutic centers in ND and MN, 1 went to a foster home and will probably be placed permanently there. A mini will stay at Triple H and be up for adoption, one blind horse will remain at Triple H. Several others are waiting for placement but we have several leads for them.


This has been an extremely costly and time consuming venture but most of all it has been sad and very eye opening. Right when you think you have heard and seen everything you realize you never really have any idea what some animals go through. We have worked around the clock on this and are glad to say it may be nearing an end.


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