Boy Howdy - "Hi" Steer

The Triple H Horse rescue has room for all kinds of animals according to Alison Smith, the ranch's founder.

"We have some ducks, rescue ducks, a rescue rooster, we have a chicken, two goats, two sheep and two donkeys and a bunch of horses."

And now Smith says the non-profit animal welfare ranch has a steer.

"He was for sale to go to the sales ring and would have been bought for slaughter, so I wanted to step in and made sure that didn't happen because I think he has a message for everybody and he needs to be shared."

Animals communicate in many ways. Smith says the message this steer spreads is spelled out.

"Who doesn't want a steer to say "Hi" to them?"

This special steer has been named "Boy Howdy," but even though he'll never be sold for hamburger, Smith says he's still not happy.

"He's just been standing there, looking over the fence at those other cattle and I feel like he's lonely."

So sometime soon, Smith says the rescue ranch will be acquiring another steer.

"We all need a pal and that includes "Boy Howdy" and I think he needs someone to hang out with."

"Boy Howdy" is featured on the Triple H Horse ranch website but many people who see pictures of him think the greeting on his hide is photo shopped, but when people see this steer in person, his message leaves them speechless.

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