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  • Would you be willing to adopt a mini which Triple H has no background information on? This can occur with abandoned or auction horses.)
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  • I the undersigned understand I am a pplying to adopt minis from Triple H Miniature Horse Rescue. I understand that I must complete the application procedure and have my home (or boarding facility) approved before being allowed to adopt any mini from HHMHR. I understand that I may not be able to adopt the mini I wa nt for various reasons. I understand that if at any time, I can no longer care for the adopted mini, it will be placed back into the care of Triple H Miniature Horse Rescue and my adoption fee will not be refunded. Triple H Miniature Horse Rescue reserves the right to periodically c heck up on the horses we place for adoption, including requesting medical records, and scheduled visits. If at any time, an adopter can no longer care for an adopted horse, it will be returned at your expense to Triple H Miniature Horse Rescue, therefore ensu ring a each horse a good home for life.


    You may not use this equine for breeding and you will not allow it to be impregnated if the equine is a mare. You can sell this equine only to an approved buyer from Triple H. If you are no longer able to keep it or no longer want it, you MUST return to the Triple H Miniature Horse Rescue.

    By signing this application, I agree that I have read and understand the /adoption policies of riple H Miniature Horse Rescue. I also agree not to hold riple H Miniature Horse Rescue liable in the event of injury, death or damage to any human, animal or property as a result of activities or actions of the mini(s) I am adopting.

*Please make sure to attach photos of your barn, shelter, pasture and/or any areas the adopted mini will be in housed or living.
*If there is additional information that you feel is important to share with Triple H Miniature Horse Rescue, attach additional sheets as needed.
*If you would like to make a voluntary contribution to Triple H Miniature Horse Rescue that would be most appreciate

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