The Basics of Feeding a Miniature Horse

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About $1.00 per day will keep a mini happy.

  • About $1.00 per day will keep a mini happy, individuals may not require the amount of food outlined below. It may be too much.
  • Feeding a mini is very inexpensive since they eat about 2-4 measuring cups of sweet feed a day until they are mature, about three years of age. A 50 lb. bag of top quality sweet feed is approximately $11.00 and that would last at least 50 days. The daily cost for sweet feed is $0.22.
  • During periods of time where you have no pasture grazing available you need to give a mini 1-1.5 lbs. of grass hay morning and night.
  • One acre of pasture can sustain about 5 minis depending on the climate.
  • Always have a salt or salt/mineral available in the pasture or stall with your horse.
  • Plenty of water must always be available.
  • A horse needs plenty of exercise.
  • A horse that is too fat is just as bad as one that is too thin. Check the ribs by gently pressing your fingers into their side. If you can't feel the ribs, slowly taper the grain and hay ration down. If the ribs are very easy to feel and are prominent, begin to slowly increase the amount of feed you give them. They should have a nice fat layer over their ribs. This test is especially important during the winter when they have heavy winter coat. They may "look" fine on weight but do the rib test.


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