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Miniature Horses

Article compliments of MiniHorse.org

There are many things that you need to know when buying a miniature horse and you should be prepared to make a commitment of at least 20-35 years. Before you buy, make sure that you meet the minimum requirements:

  • Pasture - You should have at least a half-acre of pasture per pony. Mini horses don't live indoors!
  • Zoning - Your neighborhood MUST be zoned for livestock or exotic animals. The only exceptions are for service horses for the disabled.
  • A Buddy - Horses are herd animals and get very sad and lonely without a horse companion. Buy two
  • Finances - Pets can be expensive if they need Veterinarian care. Any vet hospital surgery can cost thousands of dollars.

Many horse lovers recommend that you avoid the expensive show quality horses that are advertised on the web and spend your money to save a discarded, unwanted or abused miniature horse. You will have a noble friend for many decades!

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The Basics of Feeding a Miniature Horse


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